Here at the Living Church Ministries, we are committed to addressing the needs of the family. Using Biblical principles, we offer practical tools for leading a joyous, abundant, and peaceful life. We aspire to strengthen each individual’s confidence. Through God’s word – equip you to become an active servant and disciple of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Apostle Ronnie Lee Parson Sr., DMin.

Apostle Ronnie Parson was born in Wadesboro, North Carolina. He is the seventh of nine siblings.

In 1981, while working as an Engineer at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey, Apostle Parson was invited and began attending the Islen Community Church in Islen, New Jersey. While serving under Pastor Arthur Jenkins, he was baptized in Jesus’ name, received the gift of the Holy Spirit, and received a divine call to preach God’s word.

Apostle Parson earned a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Counseling, and a Master of Theology & Arts in Christian Counseling, both from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He also has a Bachelor of Biblical Studies (Lee University) and Associates in Electrical Engineering Technology.

 Apostle Parson has served in many capacities. He served as Diocesan Bishop for eight years; executive secretary under Bishop Ralph White of the Metrolina Diocese for over twenty-two years; he also served in the executive office of Church of our Lord for twelve years. During his tenure, one of Apostle Parson’s many accomplishments is that developed a software to automate portions of the credentialing process.

Apostle Parson recently served as professor of Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Theology at William L Bonner College (WLBC) Columbia, South Carolina. He has taught courses in Homiletics, Church & Pentecostal History, and Biblical Studies. Presently he teaches Pastoral Theology and Christian Counseling for the online segment of WLBC College.

At the 95th Holy Convocation, he was appointed and still serves as head of the Counseling Department for the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ where he oversees a staff of licensed professional counselors.

Apostle Parson has been in pastoral ministry for over thirty-two years. He now serves as Senior Pastor of The Living Church Ministries located in Charlotte and Statesville North Carolina.

Being a lifetime learner, it’s no surprise that Apostle Parson is a published author of several pamphlets and three books: I Took a Beating for this Blessings; A Cellular Communication Approach to Brief Marriage Counseling, and The Divine LGBT Agenda, “being a believable believer in a post-truth world.” Additionally, he co-authored a book with his wife entitled, The Call to Serve with Nerve and Verve. 

Apostle Ronnie Parson and best friend, Lady Rubina Parson, travel extensively. They teach, train, and conduct seminars. Seminars that include a variety of contemporary topics and theological themes that impact the twenty first century. These seminars are centered around leadership essentials, marriage & family development.

Apostle Parson was consecrated as an Apostle in COOLJC and appointed to Region XII in July 2018, where he oversees: Alaska, Arizona, California-Northern, California-Southern, Colorado, Massachusetts-Lawsonian, Oregon, Washington, Caribbean (Jamaica), and Caracas/Grenada.    

Apostle Parson’s goal is to please his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and hear him say, “Well done thy good and faithful servant.” 

 Rubina Brenda Parson

Lady Rubina Parson was born in Paterson, NJ and is presently a resident of Charlotte, NC and is the wife of Bishop (Dr.) Ronnie L Parson Sr. Lady Rubina holds a Masters of Theology & Arts in Christian Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary as well as a Bachelor in Social Work from Rutgers University.

Her heart and love for God as well as the love of God can be seen through the ministry of “loving and caring through serving” which permeates her life. In 1973 she was baptized in Jesus’ Name and received the precious gift of the Holy Spirit, at the Greater Bethel Church, Paterson, NJ. While at Bethel she served as Youth Leader, Sunday School Teacher, and Choir Member.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In 1984 she relocated to North Carolina to pursue her career in the field of social services where she continued to serve and advocate for the needs of others. In North Carolina, she worked 10 years in the battered women shelter as a manager while congruently serving as director of several group homes within Lutheran Family Services, and seven years as a social work supervisor for Gaston County Department of Social Services (DSS). While at DSS Rubina was a strong advocate for child care needs and family services. She served as a court liaison for the same. Other supervisory positions include the Guardian Ad Litem program and the foster care program at Thompson Children’s Home. For a period she worked in the chaplaincy office at Presbyterian Hospital. She continues to teach life skills and counsel women and men at the Mecklenburg County Jail. Also, she was instrumental in the founding and start-up of several child-service entities and advised judges in juvenile court on the more difficult cases as it related to the care and needs of children who were turned over to the system.

Lady Rubina’s hobbies which date back to her adolescence include but are not limited to, entrepreneurship, drummer, and percussion player, music, and reading. She is a serious, committed, and dedicated woman of God and woman for God, who enjoys serving her Lord Jesus Christ and spending time with her husband and family.

From 1998-2004 she served as the adjutant for Mother Dyanne Moultrie, International Missionary President (IMD). Also from 2010-2013, she served as a vice-president of the International Ministers and Deacons Wives Guild (IMDWG). Also, she has assisted various auxiliaries in various capacities (such as registration, fundraising, and audio-video technician for all the women auxiliaries at various tenures) as official photographer and audio video duplication specialists. From 2005 to the present she has faithfully served as Chief Adjutant to the Women, serving all Apostle wives, women Leaders, officers and Leader’s wives as well as supervise International and State Adjutant functions when called upon by assuring that protocol is honored, and the necessary services are provided at all International Meetings and Memorial Services.

Presently, First Lady Rubina serves as the Diocesan Mother of the Piedmont Diocese of North Carolina, President and advisor to The Living Church Ministries Women Auxiliaries (Missionaries, MDWG, and Women Council, Advisor and Counselor to the Women, Teacher, and facilitator for various groups). She is also the Executive Administrator of The Living Learning Center Inc. She is a professional counselor who finds the time to do marriage and family counseling and seminars with her husband and best friend Ron (Bishop Parson).

For over twenty years First Lady Rubina has actively served the International Women’s Council (IWC). Her diverse contributions include but are not limited to Audio video specialist, photographer, Youth Council Coordinator, and served with the office of social concerns and registration. Presently she serves as the IWC registration chair.